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artist statement

Participation in the arts is driven by an endless need to reflect and reveal the world we share. My work as a painter seeks to mirror our world without the use of representation as a visual device, opening up possibilities for a world of aspect, conflict, change; and transmutation that largely abandons interpretation and propaganda in favor of primary experience. I favor analogue over metaphor or other similar strategies for conveying intent and content.


My work as a photographer indulges a different impulse, to see the world as a collection of fortuitous, found moments, a treasure hunt – somewhat like finding seashells or other small treasures. However, not by walking the beach, but by stepping offshore, diving in and holding one’s breath. Sometimes the water is shallow and clear, filled with light. Other times it is deep and murky, impenetrable until one finds the bottom. In either case, there is no capturing the found moments of any ocassion until you put your head under water and open your eyes. 


My images and methodologies reflect our collective, yet contradictory impulses and inclinations – indulgence, and denial, obscurity and revelation, the carnal and the cognitive. A celebration of complexity, they seek to present a world that is physically provocative, unapologetically poetic and undeniably beautiful.

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